Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God Save the Queen... the Prom Queen

This is a Punk Rock Prom Dress that I was commissioned to design and make along with my good friend Jennifer Daugherty.  The inspiration we were given was, and I quote, "I want a punk rock prom dress with a corset top."  Helpful... I know. 

The bustier is emblazoned with the British Union Jack across the front.  Careful attention was paid to the detail of the flag when working out the design.  The authenticity was the paramount concern.  The stripes were top applied using self fabric to each pattern piece then the bustier was sewn together.  Matching the stripes was no easy task.  The back of the bustier features a chunky silver zipper with white zipper tape to play up the British Punk Rock feel.  The over-skirt is a red taffeta pleated bunting that sweeps around to the back.  The elegant feel juxtaposes the Punk inspiration behind the gown wonderfully.  Never fear though as the front of the dress is completely open to show off her legs and causes scandal to spare.  

This is just one of the many examples of how I interpret a customers vision and make the most innovative design possible.

-Philip Estrada

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  1. Please do hire Philip. I have known him for almost nine years. He loves design. They come from his soul. I know you could depend on him. I used to be amazed at how sometime, just out and about, an idea would just pop into his mind, down on paper it would go...just like that. The true designer's mentality all the way. He is special.


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