Monday, March 21, 2011

Perfect Black by Bob Mackie

Perfect Black is the newest fragrance by Bob Mackie.  An intoxicating scent that evokes the image of beauty, youth, strength, sex and glamour.  The perfume was developed by the finest fragrance houses in Paris and was perfected to suit every moment of a woman's life. 

Digital rendering of the Perfect Black bottle and box
The atomizer bottle for Perfect Black is encrusted in beautiful black rhinestones in a multitude of sizes.  The impact of the bottle is breathtaking and unmistakably Mackie.  The box is a high polished slick black with a recessed glossy white "Mackie" logo.  "Perfect Black" is printed boldly in white text as well but is raised embossing for a slight change of texture.  When the box is opened a shocking pink interior is revealed to the delight of the woman soon to be embraced by this tantilizing perfume.   

An example of the black jewel encrusted technique

Perfect Black is an idea I have been brainstorming on for a while.  I feel that Bob Mackie is due to release a new fragrance targeted at the young tastemakers of today.  This perfume will be unlike any other that he has developed.  I feel that the design of the bottle and the packaging will be a very positive move forward for the Bob Mackie Brand.  The print/web advertising for the fragrance will be very high end as well.  The ads will show a beautiful high fashion model wearing a black jewel encrusted gown designed by Bob Mackie in an equally amazing setting.  There will be specific lighting casting severe shadows to set the dramatic mood and tone for such a strong yet beautiful product.  Would be wonderful to produce short highly artistic web videos promoting the perfume.  This product launch will challenge all the preconceived notions of the Bob Mackie Brand.

-Philip Estrada

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  1. Bob Mackie, how can you not like this, such a great idea!


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