Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Inspired Wandering Mind

My mind was wandering a bit today.  I find in these instances it's best to put pencil to paper and see where it takes you.  In this case, all I had was a pen and a little notebook, so please excuse the writing lines.  I got to thinking about how pretty a graphic pattern would look if it were made of small flat sequins on sheer mesh.  Picture a design that looks like crashing waves going every which direction.  The effect is awesome and has a lot of movement.

How amazing would this look in flesh colored mesh with the sequins in navy and midnight blue? Imagine within the design mixing matte and shiny finishes?  Ugh... to die for!
I could see Kim Kardashian wearing this to the MTV Music Awards or Christina Hendricks rocking every inch of this at the Golden Globes.
The wonderful thing about this technique is that it could easily be applied to ready to wear as well. A navy silk voile dolman sleeve top with a sheer back with the sequin motif all over the front panel would look stunning!  It would look very sexy with some super skinny jeans and a sexy platform heel.  One could easily design a whole group of separates around this gown.

An example of Navy Sequins used in casual separates
-Philip Estrada

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