Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Representing the Mackie!

When someone is as awesome as Bob Mackie you can't help it... you gotta represent!  I had the idea of a sweet neon pink plexiglass name plate on a big gangsta style gold chain.  To Google I went, sourcing plastics companies that can make my fluorescent dream come true.  I found a company in Utah that was able to cut the plexi quickly and inexpensively!  I went ahead and had an accessories vendor price out the necklace to give me initial costing on having it produced in the far-east.  The price came in pretty good and had a good margin for a reasonable retail price! 

I could easily see this flying off the shelves at the Barney Co-op, Opening Ceremony and even Urban Outfitters!  I plan on having a couple different color ways made up.  I'm envisioning glossy opaque black and gold mirrored.

My dear friend Prissy was stoked to model the Mackie chain.  She worked it with her youthful edginess at full tilt!  I think this would be an awesome direction for the Mackie image.  Young downtown women with an engery for life that is reflected in their style.  A girl that would go bar hopping with her ladies wearing a bold vintage beaded Mackie top, a pair of skin tight jeans and knee high stilleto boots, perfect for punching holes in young men's hearts.  This girl isn't fussy, she likes to be sexy and to stand out from the pack.  She's comfortable with her girls at a quiet little pub on the Bowery as well as dancing shoulder to shoulder at a Punk Rock show in Brooklyn. 

-Philip Estrada

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Mackie T-shirt... Also It's a Giveaway!

I made a new sliver and black sequined Mackie T-shirt to replace my older one which has gotten too small.  This sparked an idea... or rather, sparkled an idea. 

Therefore I am officially announcing the First Official Sequin Mackie T-Shirt giveaway!
Once I reach 500 likes on Facebook I will be giving away a custom made sequin tee!  Generous offer?  Why yes! Shameless ploy to gain recognition?  Most definately!  Please read below for all the details!

Sequin and Feathered cuffs not included.

As you can tell by my blog I want to work for the master designer Bob Mackie.  I mean I REALLY want to work with him.  But I need support, peeps to back me up and say "Philip Estrada is awesome! And you should totally hire him Mr. Mackie."  That is the reason I am begging for "likes" on Facebook.  Giving away a hand sequinned Mackie Shirt is my way of returning the favor for your support.

When I reach 500 likes I will be posting details on the Blog and on the Facebook Page about how to be entered to win a sequined Mackie T-Shirt of your very own!  The drawing will be held at random for those who enter and the winner gets their very own Sequined Mackie T-Shirt in thier SIZE!  That's right!  A custom silver and black, hand sequined shirt, made by none other than Bob Mackie's biggest fan, ME!

To make it easy on everyone here is a link to the Facebook Page.
Or you can even Like the Facebook Page right here from the Blog!  Just look over at the top right.  It's just that simple!

I can't wait to reach 500 followers!  I want to give away a T-shirt sooo bad!  Also don't worry I'll still be posting my sweet new video when I reach 500 as well.  Call the shirt an added bonus!

I also would like to Thank all of you for your support.  It means a lot to mean to know you all believe in me.

-Philip Estrada 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration - Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey season 2 premiered on PBS last night and I was more than excited to sit down and watch the 2 hour special!  Leading up to the premier I was recounting the first season and all the beautiful clothing that swept across the screen leaving me breathless. 

One of my favorite things about season 1 was how it began with the news of the sinking of the Titanic.  My mind started its journey from there and I began thinking about the Titanic and its sinking, after all, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the fateful event.  When I think about the Titanic, I also recall the scene in Jubilee!  They showed the passengers arrive to the pier in full high fashion as well as the sinking, right on stage.  It was pretty awesome!
With all this fabulocity clanging around my noodle my hands got to sketching.  This fancy gal is what I came up with. 

Meet Diannis Moorepark.  She has arrived, dressed to the nines in her rhinestone encrusted jacket.  She doesn't seem pleased having to wait to board the Titanic and go to her First Class stateroom.  Let's hope she arrives in New York safe and sound.

-Philip Estrada

Friday, January 6, 2012

Taylor Swift - A Mackie Muse in the Making

Right now is a wonderful time for ladies in the music industry!  With the monumental success of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (no stranger to a Bob Mackie gown) I realized this would be the perfect time for Mr. Mackie to take on a new muse!  Imagine a whole new crop of recruits fresh off the bus and ready for Bling Boot Camp at Fort Mackie.  Envision me as a sequin encrusted drill sergeant screaming at young starlets, "What is your major malfunction?!  How is anyone gonna notice you at the Grammys wearing those boring old camos?  They're called fatigues because the look is TIRED!!  Drop and give me 20!!"

There is one gal who is a natural and has quickly risen through the ranks... ok I'm done with the military references.  Taylor Swift loves spangles and sparkles.  Let me be first to say the feeling is mutual! 

A team up of Mackie and Swift could take her stage presence to the stratosphere!  Armed with dozens of Mackie creations is what defined the legends know by their first names, Cher, Diana and Tina.  Taylor should be the next to join that pantheon.

Maybe she could wear this Mackie masterpiece for her next award show performance?

-Philip Estrada
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