Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mackie Runs This Town Like Bugsy Siegal

My birthday is TODAY!!!  The Boyfriend and I are going on a Vegas getaway with a few friends.  Priority #1 while we visit the city of sin is JUBILEE!  This show has been a main stay on the Vegas strip since 1981, the very same year I sprung to life!  That's right... I'll be turning 30 in LAS VEGAS!!  We have it all planned out.  We'll be at the Saturday show, dead center, at one of those swanky tables they reserve for their "baller" customers.

Bally's Casino, that hosts the show, also has a backstage tour 3 times weekly where you can see the inner workings of this Las Vegas icon.  This tour has been my dream since the moment I heard it existed!!  I want to see the rhinestones, sequins and feathers up close.  Why would anyone want to see those costumes you ask? 


Now pick yourself up off the floor and I can continue!  This show is a throw back to the old shows of Paris and Broadway with the Folies Bergere and the spectacles produced by Ziegfeld.  I have a feeling the grandeur of this show is going to bring me to tears!  This show proves Bob Mackie is a genius.  It's insane to think that the costume designs are going to be 30 years old and the ideas look as fresh as the day they were sketched.  It would seem Mackie's designs were intended for another time. This gives the costumes their dreamy vintage feeling.


I was born in the wrong decade.  If only I could have been there to help Bob Mackie with these costumes!  Click the pictures... They get much bigger and there is nothing wrong with THAT!
-Philip Estrada

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