Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jubilee... Jubilee... JUBILEEEEE!!

It finally happened!!
I felt like Indiana Jones entering the room that held the Jeweled Bob Mackie Holy Grail.  I made my way through the main entrance of Bally's Casino with my support team, Ryan and Kathleen.  Kathleen is the history expert which comes in handy when hieroglyphics need deciphering.  Ryan is known simply as "The Face".  His beauty and charisma comes in handy when dealing with the locals.  The dust cleared and the Jubilee Theater came into focus in the distance.

 Me rocking my Rat Pack inspired copper lamé tuxedo jacket.
I made it specifically for the event.  
(Photo courtesy of Ryan)

The show was simply astounding!  There are really no other words to describe it.  The three of us had a table in the second row.  We were pretty "baller" that night.  The curtain went up and we will never be the same again.  The pounds of feathers, rhinestones and sequins were sparkling as if freshly shined.  The girls in their 35 pound headdresses and jeweled bikinis whizzed around the stage in a dizzying fashion. 

There were points of the show that Kathleen identified as "Sensory Overload".  She informed me that this was the ancient phenomenon when a costume designer, choreographer, lighting designer, and dancer aligned perfectly.  At that precise moment it triggers your brain to release mass quantities of serotonin causing a dreamy euphoric state.  (I may have made this up, but it sounds pretty good, right?)

 Jubilee! is an amazing show.  This type of over-the-top showgirl revue doesn't exist anymore even in Las Vegas!  I felt like we walked through a time portal back to the heyday of Sin City.  It would not have surprised me if Dean Martin was sitting at the next table sipping a Martini.  He may not have been there in body, but I have a feeling he was there in spirit. 

  In the opening number the girls were raised from below the stage.  
The mirror showed us them from above first and was particularly thrilling!

The high kicks were given in liberal doses and much appreciated!

All the topless dancers were assigned individualized headgear.
 Show photos from the Las Vegas Sun

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS SHOW!  It will change your life!

Kathleen and I posing in front of the theater after the show.
(Photo from Ryan) 

In summation the show was AMAZING!  Mr. Mackie is a genius and has inspired me EVEN more.  All the designs I have stewing in my brain just got "Jubilee-ified" as I call it.  I wanted to take home all the headdresses and backpacks to watch Friday night TV in.  I've been having fantasies of setting my apartment on fire and starting a new life in Vegas.  I could work for Jubilee's costume shop my new name would be Steven St. Stephan from Back Swamp North Carolina.  Alas the reality is I can't do that.

I took the back stage tour the day before and OH the stories I have from that.  I will leave that for another day.

- Philip Estrada

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  1. Can't wait to hear all your stories. Sounds like JubileeShow had quite an impression. It can only be great in your hands. You have always been full of creativity. Great Confidence in you as usual.


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