Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reason #4 Bob Mackie Should Hire Me

Reason #4 - Dreams

I HAD A DREAM!  Last night actually.  A Dream that not only starred Bob Mackie, but was costumed by the man as well.  Clearly I am so committed to Team Mackie that my subconscious is right there with me.

Picture it!  There I was standing on the stoop of my building.  It was a nice mild Spring day. The block was empty except for a man walking toward me.  As he got closer I realized it was none other than Bob Mackie.  We struck up a conversation and he was as nice as ever.  I told him that I was going to Las Vegas in 2 weeks for my 30th birthday.  Also I told him how and how super excited I was to have gotten tickets to see ;Jubilee!',  featuring his iconic showgirl designs. 

Then suddenly I was on an old timey pirate ship standing next to Bob Mackie's BFF, Cher.  At first I was a bit disoriented.  I didn't even have time to tell Mr. Mackie about the blog or beg for a job!  Not only that, but he must have thought I was insanely rude for just leaving without saying "Good day, Sir!"  However I wasn't really complaining.  It was nice to be hanging out with Cher on the high seas.  It was only a few minutes until the ship ran aground on the shore.

The pirate costume Mr. Mackie designed for Cher's "Believe" tour.
Photo via some random Flickr account.

Sorry for the small image but I just love the sketch of Cher as a pirate.... YARRRR!

Cher and I jumped off the ship and ran onto the beach which was extremely populated with tourists.  When we made it onto dry land I noticed that she magically changed outfits.  She was now wearing the red version of the "Take Me Home" bugle beaded outfit.  Unsurprisingly, I love every version of this outfit Bob ever made Cher.  Now at this point I couldn't keep up with Cher.  The beach and boardwalk were teeming with drag queens dressed as different versions of Cher.  Being as nice as she is (I assume), Cher insisted on running up and taking a photo with each and every single lady-boy.  That's when I woke up with a giant smile on my face. 

Talk about dedication!  The fact that I would gladly be Cher's wrangler while I sleep has got to be easily one of the BEST reasons for Bob Mackie to hire me!

- Philip Estrada 

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