Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby It's You

The boyfriend and I scored a couple free tickets to a preview performance of "Baby It's You" opening soon on Broadway.  This is the all new musical based on Scepter Records founder, Florence Greenberg's involvement in creating the all girl group The Shirelles.  At one point in the show The Shirelles were named the #1 Girl Group of ALL TIME!  Inevitably times changed and they had to step aside when Diana Ross and her Mackie-clad Supremes marched into town.  Oh Diana and the Supremes... how awesome were they?!

Sadly the show wasn't all that exciting. The songs didn't stay with you like other shows.  In my opinion the best number was actually the Dionne Warwick character singing "Walk On By." 

We must change the subject to happier thoughts, such as:

A trio of Motown beauties decked from head to toe in the sweet sweet Mackie goodness!  This is from Diana Ross and the Supremes - GIT On Broadway; a TV special with The Temptations in 1969.  Here they perform a couple songs from Porgy & Bess for your enjoyment. 

I need to get a job with Mr. Mackie ASAP.  When I watch this video my only thought is how fun it would have been to sequin those gowns!  I got sparkles on the brain!

-Philip Estrada

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