Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Plain Cher

I think it's high time that I address Bob Mackie and Cher's 40 year collaboration.  How awesome is it that they kept working together?!  It must be because their fabulocity skills are unmatched by man or beast.  It could also be one of those "with our powers combined, we will be unstoppable" situations, and so far it pretty much has been.  Trust me... no one is complaining.

This amazing Cher costume sketch was worn during the song "Ain't Nobody's Business" from her "Monte Carlo Show" which was televised from the Sporting Club of Monte Carlo, right on the water, in 1980.  Cher shared the billing with the second in command of the Kingdom of Rhinestones,  Liberace.  Could you imagine such a show?  I would have been freaking out every second!  Screaming like a school girl and fake fainting everytime there was a costume change.  It would have been a life changing experience.

A photo from Cher's performance.

 Cher and Liberache
(I can not confirm that this is from "The Monte Carlo Show")

The beginning of the show when she changes into the ensemble.

The second section of the show including the outfit and a quick change to a new Mackie!

The wrap and sketch were auctioned off in 2010 and each fetched over $4,000.  The highest I could go on the wrap was $3,999... bummer.

I wonder if there is anyone out there on the interwebs that was at this auction... or the performance!  If so PLEASE share your stories!

-Philip Estrada 


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