Monday, February 21, 2011

Reason #1 Bob Mackie Should Hire Me

There are MANY reasons I should be working on Team Mackie.  Surprisingly most of them don't include my undying love of sparkles and spangles; even though I love sparkles and spangles!  Therefore I will begin listing them off peridoically.  Now please note, these aren't in any specific order and they aren't a countdown by any means.  These are just a grocery list of reasons why I'm Mackie Material.

Reason #1 - Arms
Two of them in fact.  They aren't He-Man arms, but they are strong enough to hold items such as: stacks of papers, a grouping of pens and/or markers, a bolt/roll of fabric (when laid on its side) and a book or two. The arms can hold the aforementioned but are not limited to them.  The arms I have come with hands as well, what luck!  These hand are good for picking things up, typing, pressing elevator buttons, sewing, drawing/doodling, writing things down and, my specialty, holding coffee for acclaimed designers!  Not that you needed proof but they even come with celebrity endorsement.  Pop/Country singer Jewel's hit "Hands" was actually inspired by their work!

-Philip Estrada

1 comment:

  1. Philip does have his own life but he is a designer first. Please Mr. Mackie, give him the chance. He doesn't mind working towards a goal. Just give him a few tasks, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.


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