Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not Ashamed Of My Super Fan Status

Shamelessly I proclaim to you, "I am a SUPER FAN!"  Super Fan of what you ask?  Well Mr. Bob Mackie is a given, after all let's not forget the blog's namesake.  Second to him, I am an insane frothing at the mouth type fan of his masterpiece Jubilee!  I am constantly researching that show and finding new references, photos and even blog entries from cast members!

Since I'm a super-pooper-duper obsessed fan it's only natural that I would be doing my own fan art.  This one is inspired by the artwork used to advertise the shows running at The Moulin Rouge in Paris.  I feel like a preteen obsessively drawing versions of my favorite X-men characters... and I love it!  I'll try my best to avoid Jubilee! fan fiction, God only knows how weird that would get.

-Philip Estrada

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Love Letter to the Cast and Crew of Jubilee!

Tonight I will be going to see Jubilee! again.  I have been enamored with these ladies ever since I first saw them descend the glittering staircase in their towering Bob Mackie headdresses.  Please allow me the chance to express my admiration in the best way I know how. 

I present "My Heart," a gift to all the showgirls, showboys, and crew.   Nothing like a little fan art to clearly express just how much I love this show!

I hope Jubilee! continues to be a Las Vegas institution for as long as there is a Las Vegas.

-Philip Estrada

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Lost Art of Jubilee!: The Second Installment

This time next week I will be in Vegas!  The first order of business will be to go see the glittering Bob Mackie clad goddesses over at Jubilee!  If you’ve been following the blog you know by now that I have an unhealthy fixation on showgirls.  Jubilee! will be my new Las Vegas tradition going forward.  In honor of my return to the Neon Oasis in the Mojave Desert I wanted to share with you the second installment of “The Lost Art of Jubilee!” 

This Bob Mackie design was under consideration for the production of Jubilee! when the costumes were still being designed and not a dancer was cast.

I love this costume because it is unlike anything in the show currently.  I wonder what kinds of feathers they would have used to make her giant multi color pom-pom.  The costume wasn’t ultimately used so this sketch was auctioned at Christie’s in 2005.

-Philip Estrada

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There's a Fruit Bowl Up On Her Head

The other night I was scouring my Netflix queue and I decided on a Carmen Miranda movie.  I have been meaning to watch "Copacabana" for some time.  It turned out to be quite a little gem of a film!  Groucho Marx played opposite Miranda and he ended up being a perfectly understaded foil to her over the top acting and facial expressions.

I was so happy to see her stage costumes and giant platform shoes in action.  That lady really knew how to balance produce on her noggin!  One of my favorite head pieces features hair buns in a doughnut motif mixed in with jewels and sequins!  Aye Yi Yi! 

Carmen reminded me of the sketches that Bob Mackie has for sale on his website.  He has a couple of Miss Miranda, one where she is backed up by a few puffy sleeved fellas. 

If you have some time, I recommend checking out this quant little movie.  The songs are fun and Groucho gets in some great one liners.

-Philip Estrada
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