Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not Ashamed Of My Super Fan Status

Shamelessly I proclaim to you, "I am a SUPER FAN!"  Super Fan of what you ask?  Well Mr. Bob Mackie is a given, after all let's not forget the blog's namesake.  Second to him, I am an insane frothing at the mouth type fan of his masterpiece Jubilee!  I am constantly researching that show and finding new references, photos and even blog entries from cast members!

Since I'm a super-pooper-duper obsessed fan it's only natural that I would be doing my own fan art.  This one is inspired by the artwork used to advertise the shows running at The Moulin Rouge in Paris.  I feel like a preteen obsessively drawing versions of my favorite X-men characters... and I love it!  I'll try my best to avoid Jubilee! fan fiction, God only knows how weird that would get.

-Philip Estrada

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