Friday, March 2, 2012

Eliza Doolittle

This gown was inspired by the Embassy Ball scene in “My Fair Lady.”  Rather than designing for the period the musical was set in I opted to be inspired by it instead.  The gown maintains the original intent of the scene but has a sexy contemporary feeling.  The front of the gown will have a dramatically low cut front with a sheer mesh panel.  The bodice of the gown will be encrusted with various sized rhinestones, white sequins and beads that trickle down loosely.  The shape of the gown will be fitted on the front with beautifully draped fullness at the back that transitions into the train.  I want the gown to be dramatically full but it will be constructed so that it doesn't appear shapeless. 

I originally started this just as a study of a Bob Mackie sketch as practice since I liked the pose.  The sketch was coming out pretty awesome so I took it and ran with it.  I had the idea for this gown as an option for a friend’s wedding that is coming up in December.  Although the design would be my own pipe dream I felt as though if I didn’t get it down on paper now I never would.  After the sketch was finished in pencil I scanned it into photoshop to clean it up and add color.  I feel the result looks pretty great!

Can you guess which Bob Mackie sketch was the original inspiration?

-Philip Estrada


  1. Umm how much would you want for this dress? I would love to see it in reality

    1. I would love to make this gown. I imagine I would be able to make it for around a thousand dollars.


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