Monday, March 19, 2012

Le Mackie... Oh La La - Part 2

Last night while browsing aimlessly on the interwebs Ryan came across this video and promptly pointed it out.  It seems as these were promo videos put together after Vogue Paris' February issue in Las Vegas.

The first video features the ladies of Jubilee! in their fan dance costumes designed by our friend and my future boss, Bob Mackie.  Those ladies move so effortlessly!

The second video is sheer perfection!  Not only does it feature quite an excellent Elvis impersinator, but it also features the Jubilee! ladies both on and off stage.  Featured heavily is one of the show's finalé costumes which is an engineering marvel.  The costume is lovingly nicknamed "The 747" on account of its breathtaking wingspan.  The entire finale of Jubilee! features an army of headdresses each more breathtaking than the next and all of which were designed by Bob Mackie.

These videos make me antsy for my return trip to Vegas!  So glad that these got uploaded to youtube.  A big thanks to them.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

- Philip Estrada

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