Friday, May 23, 2014

Turnt Back The Times

Ryan and I had the pleasure of seeing our patron saint, Cher, in concert here in NYC. She puts on a great show. I hope I'm still giving them hell at her age. 

Since we were seeing The Diva herself we had to dress accordingly. The outfit I made myself was inspired by her iconic "Turn Back Time/I Found Someone" look designed by Bob Mackie. 

Bob Mackie inspiration 

In-mirror bedroom selfie 

Obligatory Bathroom Selfie!!

Detail of the rhinestones

The shirt is a fishnet and black sequin combo. Painstakingly hand sewed and detailed with rhinestones in crystal and two shades of purple. The iconic motorcycle jacket was given an update by making it from black and silver sequined material.

Nothing goes better with an exposed midriff than beer!

This is me going nuts, rightfully so, when Cher sang "Turn Back Time"

Ryan's look was also A HIT!!
Ryan paired his sequined Cher T-shirt I made him with a custom sailor hat encrusted with hundreds of Swarovski Crystals. I even rhinestoned the inside of the brim of his hat in a light blue stone in order to give him even more sparkle.  All night he was greeted with adulation and cheers of delight. At one point money was offered for his hat. Sadly the dude wasn't a serious buyer. 

Before and After

We had a blast and will cherish that night forever!

-Philip Estrada

Blurry Shade - LOL

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