Wednesday, March 19, 2014


By this time everyone has read the news that Bob Mackie regretfully had to bow out of providing the wardrobe for Cher's latest tour, "Dressed To Kill."  Some are saying that this is her final tour. Personally I'm not buying it. As long as you can glue rhinestones to a wheelchair there is still a chance for a follow up tour.
I won't bother copy/pasting the tweets and statements into this post. It is obvious that both Bob and Cher are disappointed in the circumstances, we all are.  Oh what Mackie visions could have been...
But life goes on and there is no use dwelling. Cher is in good hands with Hugh Durrant since he's worked with her in the past. 

Although the tour will be sans Mackie my ensemble will be paying homage to both divas. I am doing this for solidarity, tradition and mostly because I've already started and I'm not one for looking back. 

Until then let's enjoy some epic Mackie-Cher Realness. 

-Philip Eatrada

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