Friday, January 6, 2012

Taylor Swift - A Mackie Muse in the Making

Right now is a wonderful time for ladies in the music industry!  With the monumental success of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (no stranger to a Bob Mackie gown) I realized this would be the perfect time for Mr. Mackie to take on a new muse!  Imagine a whole new crop of recruits fresh off the bus and ready for Bling Boot Camp at Fort Mackie.  Envision me as a sequin encrusted drill sergeant screaming at young starlets, "What is your major malfunction?!  How is anyone gonna notice you at the Grammys wearing those boring old camos?  They're called fatigues because the look is TIRED!!  Drop and give me 20!!"

There is one gal who is a natural and has quickly risen through the ranks... ok I'm done with the military references.  Taylor Swift loves spangles and sparkles.  Let me be first to say the feeling is mutual! 

A team up of Mackie and Swift could take her stage presence to the stratosphere!  Armed with dozens of Mackie creations is what defined the legends know by their first names, Cher, Diana and Tina.  Taylor should be the next to join that pantheon.

Maybe she could wear this Mackie masterpiece for her next award show performance?

-Philip Estrada

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