Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Representing the Mackie!

When someone is as awesome as Bob Mackie you can't help it... you gotta represent!  I had the idea of a sweet neon pink plexiglass name plate on a big gangsta style gold chain.  To Google I went, sourcing plastics companies that can make my fluorescent dream come true.  I found a company in Utah that was able to cut the plexi quickly and inexpensively!  I went ahead and had an accessories vendor price out the necklace to give me initial costing on having it produced in the far-east.  The price came in pretty good and had a good margin for a reasonable retail price! 

I could easily see this flying off the shelves at the Barney Co-op, Opening Ceremony and even Urban Outfitters!  I plan on having a couple different color ways made up.  I'm envisioning glossy opaque black and gold mirrored.

My dear friend Prissy was stoked to model the Mackie chain.  She worked it with her youthful edginess at full tilt!  I think this would be an awesome direction for the Mackie image.  Young downtown women with an engery for life that is reflected in their style.  A girl that would go bar hopping with her ladies wearing a bold vintage beaded Mackie top, a pair of skin tight jeans and knee high stilleto boots, perfect for punching holes in young men's hearts.  This girl isn't fussy, she likes to be sexy and to stand out from the pack.  She's comfortable with her girls at a quiet little pub on the Bowery as well as dancing shoulder to shoulder at a Punk Rock show in Brooklyn. 

-Philip Estrada

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