Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Spirit

The 2012 London Olympic Games kicked off last night with the Opening Ceremonies.  The pageantry and spectacle was in full force in the way only the English can do it.  The Olympics have always had a special place in my heart ever since I was a kid.  The first games I can fully remember watching were the Barcelona games in 1992.  I do remember smatterings of the '88 Seoul games.  The 1984 Olympics were held in bright and shiny Los Angeles.  Sadly I don't remember anything from the Los Angeles games.  Bear in mind I was 3 years old.  I do recall some Sam the Eagle paraphernalia laying around the house for years to come.

Recently I had learned that the costumes for the opening and closing ceremonies of the '84 games were designed by Ray Aghayan.  Mr. Aghayan was the lifelong partner of Bob Mackie and passed away in October of 2011.  His talent will be greatly missed.  Aghayan designed 50 different costumes for the ceremonies, and they were duplicated for some 11,000 performers.  

There was even a flight suit for Bill Suitor who entered the arena via Jet Pack.  I wonder if this technology had anything to do with why the Soviets boycotted the games?

I hope the spirit of the games continues on through the 2012 London games.  I wish all the athletes the best of luck and urge them to remember the most important thing, if you can't win gold make sure to look fabulous while trying.  I'm off to watch rhythmic gymnastics followed by men's water polo!

-Philip Estrada

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