Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reason #5 Bob Mackie Should Hire Me

Reason #5 - Learning

Just like little Ralph Wiggum I too have been learning.  I feel another reason Mister Mackie would benefit from hiring me is because I constantly take it upon myself to soak up information and learn skills. 

I have always have been proud of my self discipline to learn as much as I can and further my knowledge on the talents I possess.  I've always been the kind of person that goes out of their way to research information that improves my abilities.  I do this not only for my computer based skills, but I also love learning new things in sewing and garment construction.

Case in point, in college I took a machine knitting course.  It was a pretty basic class, but I loved the concepts.  After I finished the class I purchased two different gauge knitting machines with ribbing machine attachments.  We didn't learn the ribber in class but it came with a manual so I figured it out.  I pride myself on experimentation.  I love reading the information in a book while sitting at the machine so I'm able to try out the theory right then and there.  I feel that I have taken in a ton of information on how to use these machines and still there is more they can do!

In addition to the machine knitting I taught myself the Tambour technique of embellishing.  I have been hand embellishing and have constantly thought that there has to be a faster way.  After seeing videos of The House of Lesage on YouTube I realized that the hook tool was the key.  So I researched where to buy the tool and how the technique was done.  I had to make a makeshift frame to suit my apartment and now I'm sequining the hell out of everything!

Now these are only two examples of my readiness to pick up and learn new skills.  I've always found that learning and problem solving go hand in hand.  I've asked myself "I wonder how they do that?" countless times.  Each time I ask that, I inevitably research and find the answer no matter how long it takes.  The wonderful thing about these new skills is that they are not shortcuts.  Sometimes they end up taking more time to execute but my work looks so much more elevated and professional.  I have realized that the more mature I get and the more I learn the better I become as a designer.  I have been able to continually raise the bar on myself because I find ways to reach further than I thought I could.

My enthusiasm to learn new things would definitely be an asset to Team Bob Mackie.  I could be his go-to guy for anything that needs innovation.  If I don't know how to accomplish it I will figure it out.  My answer for any question or problem that may arise will always be "I'M ON IT!"

- Philip Estrada

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