Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prom Gown Illustration

This is the sketch for my niece's senior prom gown.  The direction she gave me when I was considering designing the gown was "I want to look like Marilyn."  That was it... there would be no arguments the gown would come from me, and be my graduation present to her. 

The gown is strapless and made from Pewter colored silk satin.  The body of the gown has a black silk chiffon overlay to give it a nice subtle color change.  The kicker is that the bodice is encrusted with various sized rhinestones that spray down the skirt peeking out from under the drape.

My niece said loved the gown and had a wonderful night.  More pictures to come.

This is another example of my working directly with a customer on a special occasion gown.  I enjoy working closely with people who have an interest in custom clothing and it is very rewarding.  I love presenting the ideas that I am excited about and in turn having them light up in the same way.  It is also wonderful to have the include client during the process.  I sent my niece quick photos of the progress and her excitement continued to build as the gown took shape.   Working this way feels as though you are inviting someone into the creative process even though they may not be artistically inclined.  On some level it's a form of teaching, opening their eyes to the act of creation. 

My ease of working with clients would be very valuable to the Mackie team since he has so many custom clients.  I could assist on projects with Bob Mackie that requires extra attention or a second set of hands.  I could be on hand to handle clients when Mr. Mackie is out of town or predisposed with larger scale projects.  I would be the one to handle the details and day to day dealings while keeping Bob abreast of developments and progress.  I would actively spearhead projects with new clients and they will be brought in to help grow the business and broaden Bob Mackie's presence. 

These are a few reasons of why I would be a perfect fit for the Bob Mackie team.  All that I need now is a start date.

-Philip Estrada


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