Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prime Viewing

Since our house is a cord cutting home, we spring for Amazon Prime to avoid going all "The Shining" on each other. Below is a list of some choice movies I find particularly inspiring. Also, I have added the reasons why you should cancel all your plans, pop some Orville Redenbacher and stay in all night.

"On A Clear Day You Can See Forever"

Reasons to watch: (other than the above photo)
  1. Barbra Streisand
  2. Amazing soundtrack
  3. Cecil Beaton period gowns
  4. The extensive wig and hat budget
This movie will change your life and make you want to buy a wiglet. In fact, upon the first viewing I paused it just to run out and buy one so I could finish the film properly coiffed. Did I mention the epic turban? Oh yeah, that turban is EVERYTHING.

"What A Way To Go"

Reasons to watch:
  1. Shirley Maclaine's legs
  2. The Edith Head designed half million dollar wardrobe
  3. A young Paul Newman and his beard
We watched this movie to celebrate my birthday, low key style. It's a slow one but the costumes make it worthwhile.  I wish they made a full length version of "A Touch of Mink."  I uttered WERK a few times under my breath during that scene.

"First A Girl"

Reasons to watch:
  1. Original version of "Victor/Victoria"
  2. The stage numbers are insanely lavish
  3. The insane amount of egret feathers explains how they ended up on the endangered species list
The only drawback to this flick is that it is in black and white... man those sequins were probably amazing in person.

"The Girl Rush"

Reasons to watch:
  1. Rosalind Russell's fast talking wit
  2. Roz's fur stole in the big stage number
  3. Fernando Lamas... le sigh
Watched this one randomly night. It's a fun movie, but when Fernando sweeps on screen everything else melts away. In all seriousness I turned to Ryan and said, "I'm not even sure what anyone is saying when he's on screen.  He's so DAMN pretty!"

Did I miss any of your favorites?  Do you have any hidden gems that you've found that I should be aware of?  I'm always up for a good 'old timey' film.

-Philip Estrada

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