Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bionic Blonds

I am finally fully rested from another crazed fashion week working with the mad science design duo, The Blonds. It has been an insane three weeks of very little sleep due to working all day and then rushing to The Blonds to lend my talents. I can't complain though since it's always the most fun!
This season was unlike the previous ones in one major way... it was MASSIVE both in scale and beauty. This was the fifth anniversary of The Blonds showing at New York Fashion Week and for their tenth show they blasted off to a whole different galaxy!
This season the collection was inspired by David and Phillipe's favorite blondes including Marie Antoinette, Tweety Bird and Barbarella. 
This collection was the teams' most mature and ambitious collection to date. David and Phillipe challenged themselves by using new couture techniques thus raising the  level of their artistry to new heights.  The collection contained their signature mix of glamour, sex appeal, and razor sharp wit. 

Phillipe opened the show by slowly emerging from a silver glitter space suit like a butterfly from a strange new world.  The body suit he wore was encrusted in oversized flesh toned jewels.  It was as if his skin was made of jewels.  Whether or not this Blond came in peace is arguable but, the spectacle was undeniable. This was the perfect harbinger for the show to follow. 

I hope you enjoy the photos below of some of my favorite looks on the runway and backstage.  These include the ones I got the chance to work on. 



I can't wait for next season. 
-Philip Estrada

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