Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mondays Are A Drag

Mondays are a drag and everyone knows it.  But this Monday promises to be a whole different kettle of fishy realness.  "What's so different about this Monday?"  Why this, you silly queen!


The Raja of Rhinestones returns to RuPaul's Drag Race tomorrow (Check yours local listings).  Bob Mackie and Marg Helgenberger lend their expertly honed skills to help Ru judge The Girls.  Mackie will be inspecting the ladies ability to sparkle while Marg will be collecting forensic evidence about their tuck jobs (she used to be on CSI).  So you better pop your corn in advance and set your DVR's to WOOORK!  And if Ru knows what's good for her she'll make sure that gown is a Mackie!

Just for herstory's sake here is RuPaul wearing a worktastic Bob Mackie creation for the 1995 VH1 Fashion and Music Awards.  Work those wings hunty!

-Philip Estrada

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