Monday, April 2, 2012

Mackinistas! A Call to Arms!

Meeting Bob Mackie was amazing.  He is such a nice and giving person.  After I presented him with his own sequined Mackie shirt, I had a chance to discuss them with some of the other Mackie obsessed fans in attendance.  Everyone was very excited about the possibilities of producing the shirts, since I have had several requests for the shirts by adoring fans. The question was posed, "How many Mackinistas would be interested in owning a sequin Mackie shirt?"  Since I am the local Bob Mackie expert I was charged with collecting this data. 

If you are chomping at the bit to buy your own sequin Mackie shirt, please fill out the survey below.  It will help us gauge the public's demand for the shirts.  I will gladly share these results with team Mackie so they can consider putting the shirts into production.

Thanks for taking our quiz.  I promise to keep you all posted on the developments of this project!

-Philip Estrada

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