Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Very Mackie Christmas

Christmas is once again upon us!  I hope that everyone enjoys all the holiday season has to offer!  My gift to you is, besides my radiating beauty, is this video I pilfered from Youtube (times are tough, don't judge).

May I present Mrs. Judy Garland, and her children, Lorna and Joe.  Liza is off skating with her beau.  Notice her fur trimmed wide necked gown... it was designed by Mr. Ray Aghayan.  Gotta love his use of brocade. 

Also for your viewing pleasures here is the original costume illustration by Mr. Bob Mackie!

Merry Christmas to you all my little Mack-inistas!  May the season be encrusted with rhinestone filled wonderment!

-Philip Estrada

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