Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Your Sign?

Ok... so there are a couple things we need to discuss.  First, Raquel Welch had a TV special air in 1970 simply titled "Raquel!"  Second, the costume designer on the project was our friend and my future boss Mr. Bob Mackie.  Third and most importantly, there are some pretty trippy sequences which require Mr. Mackie's magical costuming skills!

The "Age of Aquarius" number was filmed at an Aztec temple, naturally, and Raquel is backed up by the entire zodiac!  They all look so awesome!  But if I was forced to choose I'd say Pisces was my favorite, but then again no one is complaining about Taurus.  Lady Gaga would kill for the Pisces headdress!

- Philip Estrada

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