Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Rockettes: Bob Mackie Style

Thanksgiving has come and gone, the turkey has been served, and the war wounded Black Friday shoppers have limped back home with their spoils.  That can only mean one thing: it’s officially “The Christmas Season!” 

Nothing says Christmas more clearly than The Rockettes… well Santa does a pretty good job, but Santa is no where NEAR as glamorous as those high-kicking Radio City gals!

Since seeing The Rockettes is a New York City Christmas tradition this post couldn't be more perfectly timed.  The guys and gals over at the Radio City Music Hall will be celebrating 85 years of high-kicking style!  It has come to my attention that our good pal Bob Mackie designed for the Rockettes in 1981!  The same year that Jubilee! opened in Las Vegas.  Man!  Must have been the busiest of years?!  The Rockettes show this year features many of their signature costumes from its rich history.  It is wonderful that they brought back Mackie's totally tubular turbans!

Here is a copy of Bob's original costume sketch that is actually on sale as a souvenir print!  
I love that Bob resurrects his signature trapunto sequin twists for the turbans. 

I hope everyone enjoys The Holiday Season!
-Philip Estrada
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