Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bronx Zoo Cobra Goes Mackie!

This just in!! 

The Bronx Zoo Cobra has cast off the shackles of captivity and embraced the glitz and glamour that New York City fashion has to offer!  She's called in our good friend Bob Mackie to make her Fashion Debut!  And Mr. Mackie delivers in only the way Bob Mackie can.

This couture creation was made by Bob Mackie in 1984 and was auctioned off at Christie's in 2005.  Bob Mackie donated 10% of the proceeds to the Elton John Aids Foundation.  This fanciful creation is just another reason why I should be working for Bob Mackie.  I can start Monday.

What do you guys think of Mr. Mackie and The Bronx Zoo Cobra's collaboration? 

- Philip Estrada

Monday, March 28, 2011

Reason #3 Bob Mackie Should Hire Me

Reason #3 - Connections

"One ringy dingy"
 That's right I know people... all kinds of people.  That sounds misleading, let me rephrase that.  I know people who can get things done.  In the nearly six years I have worked in the design industry I have had the great fortune to work with a wide range of talented people.  My experiences with overseas and domestic manufacturers has been the greatest asset I have gained from my career.  I have had the chance to collaborate with people from every facet of the fashion "supply chain."  From a small pattern drafter with 3 employees in NYC, to a Chinese based fully vertical manufacturer, and everywhere in between.  Over time I have built relationships with trim vendors/manufacturers that pride themselves on keeping abreast of the latest trends and innovations, thus in turn helping their clients stay on trend and compete in a global market.  The great thing about already working with these suppliers is that I know what teams excel in which given areas.  This way they can be utilized to their fullest potential.

With all the suppliers I have worked with there is definitely one common theme amongst them.  Everyone wants to bring new and exciting products to the market.  I want to help Bob Mackie do that as well.

- Philip Estrada

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kelis Celebrates "4th Of July" With Bob Mackie

"Nothing I'll ever say or do will be as good as loving you."  Clearly, Kelis was singing about Bob Mackie.  That explains why she was rocking a vintage Mackie frock prominently in the video for "4th Of July (Fireworks)."  

A photo from the video shoot was also featured on the cover of the July 2010 issue of JET Magazine.  The song "4th of July (Fireworks)" was the second single on her latest album Flesh Tone.

I loved all the singles off that album and actually got a chance to see her on the "All Hearts" tour with Robyn.  Kelis wore a Sapphire blue halter jump suit with a bugle beaded skull cap.  Hmm... I wonder if she got that from Mr. Mackie as well?  I'm just sayin, it's good to see she's a fan.  He should dress her more often.

Photo Via Did You Just Call Me Fat
-Philip Estrada

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Mackie!


To one of the most talented designers of all time.
I hope you get to enjoy all today has to offer!

-Philip Estrada

Monday, March 21, 2011

Perfect Black by Bob Mackie

Perfect Black is the newest fragrance by Bob Mackie.  An intoxicating scent that evokes the image of beauty, youth, strength, sex and glamour.  The perfume was developed by the finest fragrance houses in Paris and was perfected to suit every moment of a woman's life. 

Digital rendering of the Perfect Black bottle and box
The atomizer bottle for Perfect Black is encrusted in beautiful black rhinestones in a multitude of sizes.  The impact of the bottle is breathtaking and unmistakably Mackie.  The box is a high polished slick black with a recessed glossy white "Mackie" logo.  "Perfect Black" is printed boldly in white text as well but is raised embossing for a slight change of texture.  When the box is opened a shocking pink interior is revealed to the delight of the woman soon to be embraced by this tantilizing perfume.   

An example of the black jewel encrusted technique

Perfect Black is an idea I have been brainstorming on for a while.  I feel that Bob Mackie is due to release a new fragrance targeted at the young tastemakers of today.  This perfume will be unlike any other that he has developed.  I feel that the design of the bottle and the packaging will be a very positive move forward for the Bob Mackie Brand.  The print/web advertising for the fragrance will be very high end as well.  The ads will show a beautiful high fashion model wearing a black jewel encrusted gown designed by Bob Mackie in an equally amazing setting.  There will be specific lighting casting severe shadows to set the dramatic mood and tone for such a strong yet beautiful product.  Would be wonderful to produce short highly artistic web videos promoting the perfume.  This product launch will challenge all the preconceived notions of the Bob Mackie Brand.

-Philip Estrada

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding Dress Design

My dear friend Jennifer got married 2 years ago this July.  It was my pleasure to design and make her wedding gown.  It was pretty difficult starting off... I redesigned the gown almost 5 times and still didn't feel like any of them fit Jennifer's personality.  The major roadblock was that Jennifer wanted to cover her tattoos for portraits and the wedding album.  Now that would be easy, but she is covered in tattoos.  

Jennifer's tattoos are insanely bright, colorful, and actually fit her personality perfectly.  After I realized that, I told Jennifer that she shouldn't worry about her tattoos.  My thought was that covering them would be covering who she is.  She agreed with me allowing the design of the gown to evolve organically.  Jennifer didn't really know what she wanted, but luckily for both of us she trusted me completely.

We decided on a simple figure hugging bias cut silk charmuese gown in a light champagne tone with the same color silk chiffon accents.  The chiffon gave a wonderful mix of texture in the gown without making it too busy.  The top of the dress had bra cups that were draped delicately with the charmeuse and chiffon.  The chiffon was embellished with clear seed beads applied in a spray pattern for added detail.  Each cup had three spaghetti straps that hooked together behind her neck then spread down out as it reached the back of the gown.  The body of the dress consisted of two panels with only a center front and center back seam.  All the fullness was drawn to the back to create body shape.  When the fullness reached the back it released into cascading pleats.  The dramatic chiffon train of the gown was sewn into the seam under the bust.  It followed the top finished edge of the gown and was caught up into the back pleats.  The train was left as two pieces and came to points at the end.  Clear seed beads were also added to the chiffon under the bust.  They were sewn closer at the bust and scattered looser as they sprayed to the back.

A wedding in Japan requires Japanese photography.

-Philip Estrada

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Publicolor With Team Mackie

On Saturday I volunteered alongside Team Bob Mackie for the local group Publicolor.  My boyfriend Ryan and my good friend Ally generously volunteered with us.  It was a really great experience!  I got to meet Chris and Asia who work in the Bob Mackie New York Office, they are also both fans of the blog (super flattering).  Mr. Mackie wasn't available for the event, but we had a great time and it was wonderful representing his brand.

We were assigned to paint Marte Valle High School in the Lower East Side of New York City.  It was so wonderful to work with the kids in the program and learn all the great things that Publicolor does for them.  It was interesting and wonderful to learn all the statistics that were affected positively by painting the school bright and vibrant colors.

We had a great time giving back and hope that our efforts have a lasting positive affect on the school.

Our Color Palette included "Bright Pear" and "Neon Celery"
We painted doors, doorways and the bulletin boards.
During lunch students in the program shared their experiences in the Publicolor program.
The principal was on hand to thank us.  She shared her previous experiences with Pubilcolor and all the positive things that came from their collaboration.
Kickin' it old school with the student leaders of Publicolor.
The day's group of volunteers.


Monday, March 14, 2011

The Genius of Mackie

Please watch this video then you can continue reading...

Holy crap!!  Diana Ross' ensemble is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!  Mr. Mackie was clearly channeling the iconic "My Fair Lady" deigns of Cecil Beaton for "Wouldn't It Be Loverly."  Diana Ross sang this on the 1969 TV special "G.I.T. Broadway."  When Diana turned her head to reveal the scope of her hat and ensemble I lost it a little bit.  Mr. Mackie's talents are astounding!  Lady Gaga WHO?!  I need to work with him, that's all there is to say.  To be able to sew sequins on something of this caliber would be a dream come true.

-Philip Estrada

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Katy Perry Has Good Taste

I gotta say it, that Katy Perry has GOOD TASTE!  In 2009 Perry filmed her video to "Waking Up In Vegas" and she donned an amazing Bob Mackie haute couture ensemble.  Being in Las Vegas it makes perfect sense for her to be rockin' that feather headdress.  After all the quintessential showgirl has been defined by the Bob Mackie designed show "Jubilee", which, I might add, has been running on the Las Vegas Strip since 1981.  Amazing design NEVER goes out of style.

Speaking of timeless style, the gown and headdress Katy wore came from Bob Mackie's 2002 couture show "To Broadway, With Love."  The gown was a redesign of the classic Broadway character Dolly Levi from "Hello Dolly."  The original ensemble did not have the oversized feather boa, but I completely understand Perry's choice to include it in her look.  She looks AMAZING! 

-Philip Estrada

An Inspired Wandering Mind

My mind was wandering a bit today.  I find in these instances it's best to put pencil to paper and see where it takes you.  In this case, all I had was a pen and a little notebook, so please excuse the writing lines.  I got to thinking about how pretty a graphic pattern would look if it were made of small flat sequins on sheer mesh.  Picture a design that looks like crashing waves going every which direction.  The effect is awesome and has a lot of movement.

How amazing would this look in flesh colored mesh with the sequins in navy and midnight blue? Imagine within the design mixing matte and shiny finishes?  Ugh... to die for!
I could see Kim Kardashian wearing this to the MTV Music Awards or Christina Hendricks rocking every inch of this at the Golden Globes.
The wonderful thing about this technique is that it could easily be applied to ready to wear as well. A navy silk voile dolman sleeve top with a sheer back with the sequin motif all over the front panel would look stunning!  It would look very sexy with some super skinny jeans and a sexy platform heel.  One could easily design a whole group of separates around this gown.

An example of Navy Sequins used in casual separates
-Philip Estrada

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Bit of Mackie 3/7/11

The other day I was trolling the interwebs when I came across this Mackie Gem!  "Twilight" star Ashley Greene poses in a Studio 54 inspired spread in the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of "French Revue de Modes" magazine.  It's always nice to see Mackie prominently featured as the #1 gown in a fashion spread.  How awesome is this dress by the way?!  I love the subtle colored stripe paired with the bugle beads and how they chose to style it.  The dress is vintage and came from Frock NYC.
Bob Mackie could easily reissue this dress.  Put in a thinner shoulder pad while cutting it to just above the knee and it would be flying off the racks!  I could see fashionistas coast to coast wearing this dress anytime they would want to be noticed, or envied.  Drinks with the ladies, at the club, hosting a cocktail hour or any other high class occasion.  This dress is spectacular.  Can't wait to see it in Barney's. 

The Magazine Spread
The Original Photo
-Philip Estrada

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reason #2 Bob Mackie Should Hire Me

Reason #2 - Mad Fresh Computer Skills
I feel that my skills in using graphic based programs are superior to other people in the fashion industry.  It's not that they are "lesser" than I, but I have made it my priority to learn all I can about the Programs Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  As well as these programs I am very comfortable on Microsoft Excel.  So comfortable I even developed a spreadsheet that automatically writes knitting patterns based on the size spec for a sweater.  It's pretty awesome, if any measurements change the pattern rewrites itself!

I am especially proud of my flat sketches in Adobe Illustrator.  I pride myself in making clear and understandable sketches.  Also at the same time that they are clear my flats are also beautiful. 

A Pair of Pants Sketched in Illustrator
My flat sketches in Adobe Illustrator show every detail of the design.  I find it a welcome challenge to learn new things and how it could be used to make my job easier and elevate my work.

2 Jackets rendered using Illustrator

Illustrator can also be used to draw in a stylized manner
In previous posts I have shown my skills in using Adobe Photoshop to edit and color hand sketches.  This becomes VERY useful if there is ever a need to change the color or details of an illustration.  Bob Mackie can turn to me when ever he needs revisions to an existing sketch or photo.  If I don't know how to fix it, I will find out.
This was sketched by hand then scanned into Photoshop.  It was edited and colored digitally.  I would be a great asset to the Bob Mackie team.  When do I start work?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God Save the Queen... the Prom Queen

This is a Punk Rock Prom Dress that I was commissioned to design and make along with my good friend Jennifer Daugherty.  The inspiration we were given was, and I quote, "I want a punk rock prom dress with a corset top."  Helpful... I know. 

The bustier is emblazoned with the British Union Jack across the front.  Careful attention was paid to the detail of the flag when working out the design.  The authenticity was the paramount concern.  The stripes were top applied using self fabric to each pattern piece then the bustier was sewn together.  Matching the stripes was no easy task.  The back of the bustier features a chunky silver zipper with white zipper tape to play up the British Punk Rock feel.  The over-skirt is a red taffeta pleated bunting that sweeps around to the back.  The elegant feel juxtaposes the Punk inspiration behind the gown wonderfully.  Never fear though as the front of the dress is completely open to show off her legs and causes scandal to spare.  

This is just one of the many examples of how I interpret a customers vision and make the most innovative design possible.

-Philip Estrada
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